Our Approach

As your partner in safety we commit to something unique and specific to your organisational makeup. Its yours, you own it, we merely facilitate, develop and transform people to understand how to lead your safety culture. 

  'The Way We're Working Isn't Working'

We're capable of so much more than we realise. Most of us know precious little about what makes it possible to achieve and sustain excellence, especially as the volume and complexity of demands in our lives rise relentlessly. 

  The power of full engagement

Tony Schwartz


Everyone has the ability to become a leader, once the correct environment is created. We believe that when those environments are created, extraordinary things can happen within an organisation and the workplace enabling organisations to move to the next level in safety performance.


Leadership is not a rank or role, It's a choice. Effective leadership in a safety context involves becoming an active and participating role model, championing safety by communicating a clear safety vision for the organisation and encouraging and supporting everyone to deliver the vision together. We partner with you to face the safety leadership challenges on your safety culture improvement journey.


“Safety should be a habit.”  A habit is a decision you never even think about; it’s a choice you’ve already made. You can also think of habits as mental shortcuts. They allow people to navigate the constant flow of everyday life and all the small choices that are part of it, while conserving mental energy for the most important decisions. Researchers have found that habits account for as much as 40% of human behaviour.


On average 10 people in Ireland commit suicide each week. 20% Female 80% Male. Current available statistics estimate 40% work in the construction industry.

5 Levels of safety culture

Every organisation has a safety culture, operating at one level or another. The challenges to the leadership of an organisation are to: 

1. Determine the level at which the safety culture currently functions. 
2. Decide where they wish to take the culture. 
3. Chart and navigate a path from here to there.

What is your culture
5. Generative
4. Proactive
3. Calculative
2. Reactive
1. Pathological