Worker ID : ICE TAG (WSID-02G) : 50 PACK


The WSID-02G Worker ID is ideal for work sites that utilize workers from mixed nationalities or for use by companies that operate within multiple worldwide locations.

Based on our popular data window WSID-02, our GLOBAL USE WSID-02G utilizes internationally recognized symbols rather than text on both the ID sleeve and ID card within to ensure the effectiveness of the system in all languages and countries.

Available in Orange Scotchlite reflective material, this product shares the same features of our standard WSID-02 version

Our ID’s are versatile and can also be fitted to clothing and other work equipment such as harnesses, reflective vest and other PPE.

Durable, weatherproof and can withstand extreme heat and cold (tried and tested from the extremes of Canadian cold and the heat of United Arab Emirates.)