Our Team

With over 100 years of practical international experience in occupational leadership, health and safety. We are strategically placed to bring your organisation to the next level in safety. 

Tom Beegan - Director - Co Founder

Tom is an internationally experienced senior executive with a 40-year successful track record of achievement with the private sector, government and non-for-profit organizations.

He has unique European and Canadian senior management expertise in transforming the potential of organisations, teams and individuals to achieve high performance. He has facilitated executives and their teams surmount their most important risk management challenges by focusing on getting to understand why people behave as they do and then coaching them to become a high performance team. Tom is an in demand knowledge exchange expert speaker and trusted advisor to many International and National organisations.

Tom is a qualified psychiatric nurse, has graduated with an Advanced Management Diploma and MBA from University College Dublin. He has attained a professional designation of Charted Directorship in Corporate Governance and Accountability from McMaster University, is trained as an arbitrator with the UK Institute of Arbitrators and has studied “Strategic Thinking” with the Schulich School of Business, Toronto.

He was the Deputy C.E.O of a Healthcare Authority in Ireland for five years until 2001. He then became the CEO of the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland until 2006 prior to becoming the Chief Prevention and Strategy Officer for Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Toronto, until January 2012 when he returned to Ireland.

Andre Hickey - Director - Co Founder

Andre is an occupational health and safety practitioner with over 20 years of experience across multiple industry sectors and has held both Global and European health and safety positions during his career. 

Andre has now returned to live in Ireland having been for a number of years abroad during his HSSE roles. His travels enabled him to be exposed to health and safety cultures and standards across the globe and gave him insight into the mindset of organisations and how they implement safety leadership strategies across the mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, utilities, semi-conductor and IFM environments.

Andre is currently  studying an MSc, in workplace and organisational psychology. He is also studying an Advanced diploma in leadership and coaching with Kingstown College followed by another Advance Diploma in well-being and leadership in the workplace. 

Andre believes that safety in its current form and how it is taught, implemented, and communicated can be radically improved. His vision is to influence, create and coach a new approach of H.A.B.I.T Based Thinking. He is well positioned and experienced to influence organisational and government policy, where people feel the benefits of safety at all stages.

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